A Big NO For Stem Cell Implantation For Autism Treatment

Stem cell implantation is not a recovery method of autism.
In 2015, I attended a seminar in Mumbai, Powai regarding stem cell implantation in autistic babies that was organised by a renowned hospital.
I was convinced with the process of stem cell, because I thought that new type of cells will mix with the damaged neuronal cells in dark CSF area. Damaged cells will be replaced by the new targeted cell.
Keeping this in mind, I have already completed two shots of stem cell therapies, back-to-back in the year 2015 and 2016 at a Mumbai hospital, for my daughter.
A huge amount of money was involved in the therapy, apart from us going through a lot of pain and harassment.
My little daughter couldn't understand why she was going through this painful procedure, still she braved through the trauma of hospitalization, doctors and various medical procedures.
3 years after the completion of this therapy, I can safely say that there has been no improvement in respect to my daughter's autism.
Everything is still the same, and whatever little improvement is visible, is due to her increased age and continuous therapy.
Some of my seniors assured that the effect of stem cell may be visible after 3 years onwards. But I have seen no improvement regarding the traits of Autism, like hyperactivity, rigidness, repeatedness, cognition and speech.
Till date my daughter is only comfortable with her routine life and structured environment. The stem cell cannot improve autistic natures. Still, people are running to Panama for stem cell therapy, with the ambition of recovery within a couple of weeks.
This is a complete syndicate of business, where autism is being sold in lieu of parents' money.
All I can suggest to my fellow parents is that not to go to for the procedure of stem cell because it has no results.

Autism only can be improved through routine life and structured environment with continuous therapy. No stem cell implantation can change the extent of one's autistic nature.


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