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Developing preliminary speech of Autism

Most of early intervention parent and some of Autistic adolescents think that development of speech is an escape route from Autism Spectrum Disorder. They spoil their young parenthood after speech therapist, who usually works to develop articulation. If the autistic child has any preliminary articulation, speech therapist continues over language development. But I have an overview of the protocol. Brauka is the region in the frontal lobe of the dormant hemisphere usually left of the hominid brain with functions linked to speech production. Functional MRI studies have also identified inactivation patterns in Broca's area associated with various language tasks. There is differences between human language and systems of communication existing among animals (particularly other primates). Origins of language probably relate closely to the origins of modern human behavior. "I cannot doubt that language owes its origin to the imitation and modification, aided by signs and gestures, …

Over involvement with Autism

Have you noticed any of these symptoms recently:• Irritability?
• Hyper-vigilance?
• Repetitive speech?
• Avoidance of social interaction?
• Disregard for personal appearance and social niceties?I’m not talking about your child with Asperger’s or autism. I’m talking about you. And me. And a common occurrence I’m calling MASK (Mothers of Autism Spectrum Kids) Syndrome. It occurs when a mom spends so much of her waking life focusing on her child’s special needs and fighting for his interests that, somewhere along the way, she starts to lose touch with the person she used to be. How ironic it is that, in fighting autism, many of us start to become a little more autistic ourselves.Irritability. Are you suffering from lack of sleep? Worried about your child’s future? Worried about your family’s finances? Ever find yourself snapping at your kids for interrupting you, then feeling guilty afterwards for discouraging this social interaction?Hyper-vigilance. Do you scan each room you enter for …