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Tab based education to the autistics

For the education of an autistic babies application of tablets to learn and improve cognitive skills has some significant positive effects. Visual learning Autistics are excellent and detailed viewer, whatever the level of spectrum it may be. They like good and explanatory pictures to learn from the non verbal skills. They can memorize, analyze, correlate within a fraction of second vision. To create the study material attractive for any learning activity, teacher should opt for Android app in tablet rather use TLM or prepare paper based study materials. Tactile input into the fingertips An activity of filling color in a camel or matching shapes or jigsaws in a tab based session has some beautiful tactile sensory feeding, which is unlikely inappropriate in a paper pencil based traditional session. Even you also agree to feel comfortable to use SwiftKey for typing blogs rather to write painfully with pen and paper. Sound prompt and auditory reinforcement Just finishing a task baby can …

Is autism spectrum disorder manageable through therapies, see the hopes

The ugly 
Thumb rule of curing Autism Spectrum Disorder is still unavailable.
The whole world is searching for it.
Researchers tell that the cause of the Autism is still unknown, so it's curing protocol too. The bad 
Families are still rushing for ready cure. Doctors are striving for full proof treatment protocol. NGO funder seeks for assertive impact within stipulated time frame. But improvements are rarely visible.  The good
CT scan with Positron Emission Tomography proofs that metabolism of few neuronal cells of autistic brains especially in the cerebellum part are diminishing. So the poor neurotransmitters functions affects the cognition levels of the autistic minds. Regular therapies including behavior management, cognitive activities, occupational therapies, speech therapies directly improve the metabolism of viable cells, so we should observe improvement gradually. Though dead and inoperative cells may not be replaced with active one, so we feel the hindrance on steady positive …

Why new parents can not accept autism? See five reasons

A family with autism can only feel the nightmare of Autism woes.
These families can't be able to accept the fate of it due to 5 reasons.1.  Parents try to fulfill their dreams through their babies careers. New parents can not accept the fact of Autism Spectrum Disorder at the level of their start up.2. We have shaped ourselves to follow the rules and paths of our predecessors. Autism distracted a neo parent family with some different agendas. A positive newly added parent can not accept the negative issues of Autism. 3. Before birth of babies, even before the marriage and settlement of families, the boys and girls are never be acquainted with the less awared issues with autism. So autism to a newly settled family is a bolt from the blue. 4. The confused success stories of escaping from Autism are misguiding episodes to the parents, so they are fixed over it rather than to accept the parmanent traits of Autism. 5. The nomenclature '' disability '' is a hindrance ove…