Tab based education to the autistics

For the education of an autistic babies application of tablets to learn and improve cognitive skills has some significant positive effects.

Visual learning

Autistics are excellent and detailed viewer, whatever the level of spectrum it may be. They like good and explanatory pictures to learn from the non verbal skills. They can memorize, analyze, correlate within a fraction of second vision. To create the study material attractive for any learning activity, teacher should opt for Android app in tablet rather use TLM or prepare paper based study materials.

Tactile input into the fingertips

An activity of filling color in a camel or matching shapes or jigsaws in a tab based session has some beautiful tactile sensory feeding, which is unlikely inappropriate in a paper pencil based traditional session. Even you also agree to feel comfortable to use SwiftKey for typing blogs rather to write painfully with pen and paper.

Sound prompt and auditory reinforcement

Just finishing a task baby can only expect parent's cheers or exclamation as part of consequence but it may be monotonous to her as it lacks variation and creativity. In a tab based learning session baby can expect different modulation in applause varied in app to app. Even a level completion allows baby to brust balloon or blast a rocket with sound which have some additional effects.

Creativity in learning

Any traditional sessions of teaching lacks creativity. As autistic education session needs promptness and end user agreement with swift cause effect protocol, creation is impossible during sessions which is important. Parent can seek help of pinterst for more information and more hard copy worksheet which is nothing but wastage of papers. We used to add 69 with 96 with a calculator, but pressurize our kids with paper, pencil and power.

Impact is important

Papa has started a Shubi task and finished in 10th level in the morning, mom has started from 11th in the evening. As level improves difficulty increases. School special educator stated the same Shubi tasks where parent has finished. And Papa checked out the tab history at the end of the day. And found no level improvement in the word making app. One full day as utilized will escalate ten levels in each educational app. Achievement will improve confidence and confidence will show impact.

A race between hare and tortoise

Traditional social educator with his pencil, paper, flash cards, reinforcer can use 10 - 15 scribbled papers in an hour session where a tab session will allow 50-60 app with it ten times speed and twenty times level escalation.

Lastly to say, when papa used to check in office with biometric attandances, create docs, sheets, Pdf with his laptop, approve files with marking yes/no button, submit complete report clicking OK button, check out of the office again through biometric, he should not restrict his baby to access to the technology in education, at least I assure that our baby will finish her triga box level by her own, rather to finish level of BLUE WHALE.


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