Education and future

Intectual Impairment has its definite span of spectrum can be divided into three mains categories.
1. Educable.
2. Trainable and
3. Custodian

These categorization should be incorporated persons with Intellectually Impaired above 10 years. Before 10 years therapeutical approach is very important and impactful. But after the age of ten years parents, educator should assess first whether the differently abled person will pursue his higher studies after 8th standard.
Open schooling allows pupil to get their desired educational milestones without continuing normal school. Though there is some age related restrictions but I suggest parents to carefully think about the time investment especially between 11 to 16 periods of life.
Those who are not educable have not loose the battle, as a well trained artisan, entrepreneurs may pursue senior statutory educational qualifications after their teen.
I advocate that every differently able person should be a good entrepreneur in future. Parent should steer to the appropriate direction with trade licenses (follow and access to e-commerce, like Amazonseller) rather to stick with their age old taboo of being traditionally educated. Fruitless higher education has no return as young children may not afford their young hood to any less interested issues alike Neuro typical.
I can suggest parents to follow for the vocational training programme, don't worry, each course has it's functional academics.


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